CraigRosenBotanicalThe SAM Gallery Exhibit for mid-April through early June will be Botanicals, works of art rooted in the careful observation of real plants, expanded by individual artists into an infinite variety of expression. This show will also be prominently featured during Dunsmuir’s Dogwood Daze, a celebration of spring and Botanical Gardens Tours during Memorial Weekend at the end of May.

The watercolor shown here is by Craig Rosen titled Siskiyou Lake Trail, a painting of Corallorhiza striata, commonly called Striped Coralroot.

Other artists in the exhibit include Sharon LoMonaco, Sandra Oseguera, Kim Solga, Carol Jenkins, Janet Curti Haines and many more.

This event is SAM’s 2nd Friday Art Opening and will take place 5 – 7 pm on April 11th, with refreshments, amazing artwork, and music by Ardele Lutz and Larry Montgomery.  SAM will also present a short preview skit from this year’s summer show “the State of Confusion” by the Siskiyou Senior Players.

All are invited!