This exhibition, Nature/Structure Structure/Nature, the work of two artists, James Kuiper and Joshua Olivera, poses a dialectic-a dialogue for an audience/viewer discussion regarding the nature of structure or the structure of nature.

JAMES-JOSHIt is the work of two friends who are engaged with the land, in the land; it’s use and abuse. The imagery in the exhibition is diverse and ranges from non-objective artworks, to abstract and constructed works.


James Kuiper’s part in this exhibition is largely the work resulting from a Whiskeytown Artist Residency in the summer of 2014. During this two-week residency he spent much time observing and completing small studies from which he produced several series of finished works. The series Shasta Bally Boogie Woogie was developed after an adventurous trip to the peak of the tallest mountain in the Whiskeytown Recreation Area. The journey to the top and the several vistas reminded him of seeing Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie in which Mondrian likened the life and structures on Broadway to a visual dance.

The series Nature/Structure Structure/Nature notes various tree configurations-from those occurring seemingly willy-nilly in nature to the organization of a finely leveled and structured orchard.


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Joshua Olivera’s work is largely a response to materials. Our perceptions are all different and our collective experiences inform the way we see the world around us. Much like Kuiper’s work, Olivera works with materials that are often found or collected, materials that evoke a response in some way or invite a contextual re-interpretation of form.


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