We are working on the dates for ArtFish on the Light Post 2016.

We will post them as soon.


Until Then Please Enjoy  the 2013 Art Fish on Light Posts in Dunsmuir.

During the summer and fall of 2013, the Siskiyou Arts Museum displayed throughout Dunsmuir the Art Fish created by a wide variety of local artists and art lovers.  The Art Fish were auctioned as a fundraiser, with proceeds shared by their creators and SAM.

Enjoy a cyber tour through the 2013 Art Fish, and make a note to participate next summer when new Art Fish “swim” again on Dunsmuir’s lightposts!

planetfish1. Steve Rice, Planet Fish – 5824 Dunsmuir Ave.

I love the Surrealist and Cubist artists, especially Dali and Tanguy, they both had a great perspective of infinite space.




2. Candace Mking salmon Candace Milleriller, King Salmon – 5800 Dunsmuir Ave.

Constructed from tin cans over painted and sealed wood. http://www.cmillerart.com




Fish On Jan Arbogast

3. Jan Arbogast, Fish On – 5734 Dunsmuir Ave.

Spotted trout with glass mosiac head, fin and tail.




Let's Play Fish Rami White


4. Rami White, Let’s Play Fish 5714 Dunsmuir Ave.

A construction of favorite children’s toys.



Reignbeau Connie and Brian Meek5. Connie and Brian Meek, Reignbeau 5700 Duns. Ave.

Multimeda including spray paint, acrylics, beads, sequins, pipe cleaners, marking pens, glass ingots.



Fish Chakra Heidi Furgason6. Heidi Furgason, Fish Chakra 5630 Dunsmuir Ave.

Acrylic medium with glass and rhinestone




Jay Trout Linda Vivas

7. Linda Vivas, Jay the Trout 5526 Dunsmuir Ave.

He’s happy swimming in the Sacramento River all the way from Mount Shasta to Sacramento. Mixed media with spar urethane top coats. http://siskiyouartscouncil.org/registry/vivas.htm


Siskiyou Arts Museum artfish8. Rami White, Mermaid Fish. 5500 Dunsmuir Ave.








Cross the street and walk up a  block. Head south, to continue to Artfish circuit

Siskiyou Arts Museum Goldfinger Artfish9. The Perkins Boys, Goldfinger Fish. 5405 Dunsmuir Ave.  Check out the golden handprints!




Siskiyou Arts Museum Articulated Artfish10. William Wareham, Articulated Fish.

100% of the sale will go to the artist who is recovering from a serious accident.




Tom OHara Art Fish11. Tom O’Hara, Banded Rainbowmetric Trout

5509 Dunsmuir Ave.




Mt. Shasta Fish Jaime Meredith

12. Jaime Meredith, Mt. Shasta Fish 5530 Duns. Ave.

Beautified Mt. Shasta with visual aesthetics “made in Dunsmuir, California.” Jaime has Olde Thyme Tattoo on Pine Street in Dunsmuir.



Whimsical Fish Ricky Miller

13. Ricky Miller, Whimsical Fish 5601 Dunsmuir Ave.

No hidden meanings. My wife and I enjoy visiting Dunsmuir and want to add a little color and fun.



Folk Art Skeleton Trout Stibi Kids

14. The Stibi Kids, Folk Art Skeleton Trout  Across from Kids Park

This fish was constructed using driftwood pieces collected from our local rivers and streams.



Modern Fish

15. Cheryl Petty. Modern Fish 5701 Dunsmuir Ave.

A reversible modern combination of techniques. snowcrest.net/windowboxnursery/art

100% of the sale will be donated to SAM. Thanks Cheryl!



What's Up in Dunsmuir Linda Price16. Linda Price, What’s UP in Dunsmuir? 5727 Dunsmuir Ave.

Headline from the front page of the Dunsmuir News, April 10, 2013.




Wood Grain Fish Craig Rosen17. Craig Rosen Wood Grain Fish – 5751 Dunsmuir Ave.

After cutting out the eye, gill plate and pectoral fin, I was thinking 2 sided, antique one site and burnt woor grain the other. I tried to paint with the wood grain to give a water reflective effect. (not for auction)



Swirly Rainbow Fish Laura Pallatin18. Laura Pallatin of LaBelle Mariposa, Swirly Rainbow Fish 5801 Dunsmuir Ave.

“My art fish reflects the vibe I enjoy in Dunsmuir,” says Laura.  “I want the viewer to experience a sense of joy and play when looking at my fish.” This two-sided design includes a rainbow of swirly circles and dots on side and rainbow sparkles and a butterfly on the other. labellemariposa.com


American Eagle Fish Dick & Alana Moon19. Dick & Alana Moon, the American Eagle Fish 5817 Dunsmuir Ave.

This fish is subtitled, “One National Under God.”




Spatter Fish Pat Devereaux20. Pat Devereaux, Spatter Fish 5837 Dunsmuir Ave.

This is a collaboration. The Dunsmuir High School art students did the spatter. Art teacher, Pat created the design and painted it in white.



Beaut Monica Zinda21. Monica Zinda, Beaut 5855 Dunsmuir Ave.

Italian glass mosaic sealed and mounted on cementboard. moonshinemosaics.com



 22. Belinda Hansen, Fish Out’a Water. In front of City Hall


Family Fish Jay & Trish Mahoney23. Jay and Trish Mahoney and their grand children,  Family Fish 5928 Dunsmuir Ave.

Anna(9), Filomena(3), and Odetta(1) helped to decorate this fish. Odetta is making her artistic debut.


Siskiyou Arts Museum Railroad Artfish


24. Jaime Meredith, Railroad Fish sponsored by Lennan’s Junkton. In front of the Sheriff’s Department



Could a Bean Soup Fish Rea Lucia25. Rea Lucia, Could a Bean Soup Fish south of 5844 Dunsmuir Ave.

Rea, volunteer coordinator at SAM calls her fish, “Coulda Bean Soup, for obvious reasons.”



Sheep Fish26. Lauri Sturdivant, Sheepfish 5836 Dunsmuir Ave.

Sheepfish was created from snack wrappers and baling twine. “I am inspired by texture,” says Lauri. lauristurdivant.com



Tribal Fish Golden Clay Designs27. Goldenclay Designs, Tribal Fish. SAM window, 5824 Dunsmuir Ave.

The painting was done by Pam Buono and the beading was done by G.T. The feathers were cut by Ben DeAsis and painted by Rick Kelliher. goldenclaydesigns.com



SAM artFish eight n' change28. Kim Presley Eight N’ Change. SAM window 5824 Dunsmuir Ave.

800 pennies make up this scales of this copper fish. “Beware!” says artist Kim Presley. “The flashy fins are sharp!”

100% of the sale will be donated to SAM. Thanks Kim!