Siskiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir presents “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” – a solo art exhibition featuring the work of local contemporary Pop artist Nikolas Allen, opening August 9 and available through the month of September.

4-Double-JeopardyThe exhibit presents a modern mashup of contemporary art and popular culture  featuring Allen’s distinct collection of bold, fun, irreverent statement pieces, which mix vibrant hues with unexpected synthetic and industrial materials.

A self-confessed pop culture junkie, Allen’s influences come directly from the zeitgeist of our modern times. His artwork has also been shaped and informed by a lengthy career in advertising.

“On the surface, my art is bright, shiny, colorful and cheerful, yet there’s often a darker subtext bubbling under the surface,” explains Allen. “Much of my work examines questionable choices that humans make, which often end up harming themselves and the people they love. Viewers don’t always catch this at first glance but, by putting forth a little effort, they are rewarded with deeper meaning.”

At the opening reception on August 9, there will be a Champagne After-Party at Wonderland  Pop Culture Emporium featuring a short musical performance by The Bomb Pops, acoustic duo Nikolas Allen and Brenda Woods.

Join SAM for this memorable evening of art, music and community Friday,  August 9 from 5 to 8pm at Siskiyou Arts Museum at 5824 Dunsmuir Avenue.

For more about  the artist, visit