SAM will feature Christmas carolers from Dunsmuir Elementary School Thursday, Dec. 18, at 1pm around its beautiful Christmas tree in the middle of the museum space.  The tree, donated by Louie Dewey and his wife Belinda, touches the ceiling of the room and is entirely decorated with ornaments handmade by the students from grades K-8.

The grade 4-8 carolers will sing up and down Dunsmuir Avenue and plan to stop at SAM at 1pm.  All parents and patrons are urged to attend.  There is no charge.

Participating classes in the singing are Tamara Ridge’s 4th and 5th graders, Susan Keeler’s 6th graders, and Danielle Hibbard’s 7th and 8th graders.  The K-3 grades will be caroling at the Fire Station at 10:30.

Sidney Farnsworth is the site coordinator of the SAFE afterschool program for all grades K-8 at Dunsmuir Elementary School.  It meets every day school is open from 2-6pm.  It offers homework aid, sports, and other enrichment programs including art.  She may be contacted for more information at 235-4828 Ext. 106 for further information on the SAFE program.