Liberty Scroll on Display in Yreka

The “Liberty Scroll” (shown here at Liberty Arts Yreka) will be on display!

Dunsmuir Autumn Art Walk 2014

On the afternoon of Saturday October 11th, 2014 Dunsmuir residents and visitors enjoyed the scenic colors of fall while touring open studios of local artists and downtown businesses hosting popular north state artists during the Dunsmuir Art Walk.

  • All events are free!
  • Refreshments were served at all venues, including the Railroad Depot & Museum.
  • The Liberty Scroll, an 80 foot canvas collaboration of 19 Siskiyou County artists was presented by Liberty Arts as part of the 2014 ArtWalk. The scroll took more than one year to complete with each artist doing individual work without knowing what previous artists had done. Shasta Regional Community Foundation provided funding for this community and county project.
  • More than 30 artists showed their work and be present to meet the visitors
  • Local business and city venues hosted the artists as well as individual studios.

Dunsmuir Art Walk Sponsored by: City of Dunsmuir, Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce, Cafe Maddalena, Dogwood Diner, Dunsmuir Brewery Works, Siskiyou Arts Museum and Pacific Power.

2014 Artist Responsibilities:

  1. Artists agree to provide refreshments for a large crowd. Expect 200-400 visitors to your display.
  2. Artists also agree to stay with their display and to engage the visitors.
  3. Artists will place a sign on the outside of their location or otherwise attract attention like with a bunch of balloons, identifying them as an official ArtWalk location on the map. Be creative!!  Show off your talent. Sidewalk sandwich boards ok.
  4. All work displayed will be for sale (some easels are available with a deposit – ask us).
  5. Artist/Authors are encouraged to sell books, too. The $25 registration fee is inclusive of both activities.  Or authors may promote only their books.
  6. Prior to the event, Artists agree to communicate with the landlord of their assigned location about things like driving nails into the wall, keys or whether the space will it be open, what the display space looks like and any requirements for a successful event.
  7. One piece can be delivered to SAM Siskiyou Arts Museum 5824 Dunsmuir Ave. The piece should be properly framed and marked for sale. The markup on sales is 50/50. In the event your piece at SAM sells, 50% of the sale price will go to SAM.

If you have questions about the Dunsmuir Art Walk, or interest in participating yourself in uture Art Walks, please email