Show your Collection at SAM

SAM Board President, Ernie Wasson, is curating the next show, “Dunsmuir Collects,” to open in our small gallery, and he needs to hear from you if you’d like your collection to be considered.

Ernie got his idea for this show from a similar exhibit at the Santa Cruz Art and History Museum. He was amazed and delighted by the variety of collections on display. His favorites included a sand collection featuring sand gathered from beaches around the world and an art deco electric drill collection where each drill looked like a ray gun.

A newcomer to the area, Ernie quickly got to know people through his interest in the arts and horticulture and was amazed to learn what Dunsmuirians collected. He was delighted when the SAM curatorial committee chose his show idea at the last Show Proposal Evening.

So far, he has discovered Phyllis Skalko’s 1933 Sunset Magazine cover collection, Tony Catlett’s collection of things he’s removed from tires, Joanne Steele’s kachina collection, and Rich from the hardware store’s collection of wood veneers.

If you’re a Dunsmuir resident, you’re eligible. Or maybe you have a collection of something Dunsmuir related. It’s time to show off all your hard work. Call Ernie and invite him to come see your collection. Leave a message at 235­-4711 and he’ll call you back to set up a time to meet.

“Dunsmuir Collects” will open on March 12th and be on display until early May. Plan to come view exactly what “Dunsmuir Collects!”