MixMedia1A mixed media art class will be held at the Siskiyou Arts Museum, 5824 Dunsmuir Avenue, on Sunday, February 22, from 1-3pm.

MixMedia2Mixed media is the use of a variety of media in a work of art. This type of art has blossomed in the past decade and opened the door to using media in new and different ways. In this fun, free-form mixed-media workshop, we will use a variety of decorative papers along with paint sticks, stencils, drawing tools and other mediums and media to create a finish piece during the two-hour workshop.

Participants will work on one piece throughout the class, and encouraged to create a multi-dimensional artwork by exploring with building layers and textures, adding elements of design, while experimenting with a variety of materials.

All workshop supplies will be provided and included in the $25 fee.  Applicants must pre-register by calling 235-4365.  Attendance is limited.  Adults and kids age 12 or over are welcome!

The workshop will be taught by Cindy Black (kcsalesgroup.com) who has over 15 years of art materials experience.