Make your own felted Gnome at SAM’s Needle Felting workshop.


Come to Dunsmuir on Saturday, February 7 for a fun and creative Needle Felting workshop at the Siskiyou Arts Museum.

Starting at 1:00 pm, needle-felting expert emkay sikora will lead the class through 3 hours of hands-on instruction in wool and felting as participants each create a delightful 3-dimensional wool figure.

Emkay learned her skills overseas. “When I was living in the Netherlands I discovered the Waldorf school and started taking classes in some of the Waldorf crafting techniques. There’s always something very warm and comforting about working with wool. It is very cozy. It was especially sweet when I was at a crafting class and the sheep who donated the wool were right outside and you could hear them baaing as you worked on a project.”

The $25 workshop cost includes the use of tools for the afternoon, and all materials needed to create a felted gnome of your own. (We can’t promise sheep outside the window, though.)

“I’ve done various kinds of wool crafting with people as young as 3, going up into their late 70’s and have yet to see anyone walk away without having made something that they feel good about. Bringing that kind of joy to people, helping them to excavate a hidden ability, is what makes passing on these techniques so rewarding. That, and it’s just plain fun.”

The workshop requires no experience. It is designed for ages 14 and older, but younger participants are welcome with an adult if both are registered.

Minimum number of participants: 4
Maximum number of participants: 8

The registration deadline is February 1.  Please contact the instructor directly to register, and to ask any questions about the workshop.