Siskiyou Arts Museum Request For Proposals

SAM is excited to hear from artists, artisans, patrons and art enthusiasts about the shows they are interested in presenting in either the Gallery or Museum spaces. Exhibitions generally remain on display for two months and are scheduled to open on the second Friday of each month. Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the curatorial committee and then approved by SAM’s Board of Directors.

SAM accepts proposal throughout the year. Persons submitting proposals will be notified no later than 45 days after submitting the proposal application.

We also welcome proposals for classes, presentations, workshops and other events. Please use the workshop proposal form for these events. Please download the appropriate pdf proposal from the links below. Completely fill out the form and mail to Siskiyou Arts Museum, 5824 Dunsmuir Ave., Dunsmuir, CA 96025, or drop it off during our business hours. You may also send your proposals and photos via email to:


SAM Request for Proposal for Shows

SAM Workshop Proposal