The official date for Dunsmuir’s spring event, Dogwood Daze is May 28th, but the Dogwood are blooming now! Come to Dunsmuir soon to experience one of the best dogwood viewing opportunities in years. Drive around the neighborhoods in both north and south Dunsmuir to see the riot of pink and white trees in nearly every yard. This won’t last long! Trees on Dunsmuir Avenue are already leafing out, showing the green that will last until fall.

dogwoodsculpturesIf you miss the live dogwood display around town, not to worry. Thanks to artist Laura Pallatin, SAM is also blooming with dogwoods! Laura’s delicate dogwood sculptures are on display along with her beautiful magnolias. Each is as unique and individual as the breathtaking blooms on our trees. They’ll make wonderful gifts for gardener moms and grandmas, or become a great momento of one of Dunsmuir’s best dogwood displays in years.