Witness is the first installation to be featured in the SAM Museum. Artist, Belinda Hanson describes an installation as similar to stepping into a book or an artist’s thoughts. Witness was built from ideas that surfaced while the artist was taking daily
walks with her dog in the woods off Mott Road north of Dunsmuir, her home for the past 33 years.

Brenda Hanson (left), speaking about a portion of her installation, "WITNESS."

In describing her work, Hanson says, “Witness functions liminally as both a meditation on the concept of “home” for us as individuals and “home” as niche for the wildlife in the forests surrounding our town. The concept of home has become an elusive one. We are searching for homes. From wildlife evicted from clear- cut forests, to families torn from homes by bankruptcy and the ever-shifting job market.”



DSC05362To celebrate the opening of Witness, SAM is delighted to also present music by two of South County’s favorite musicians, Ling Ling Gepte on vocals accompanied by Dave Theno on guitar.  Paintings on the wall in the photo are from the Electronica exhibit by Phil Dynan and Ana Nelson.