William Wareham, a local sculptor, works with paintings for this exhibit in the Siskiyou Arts Museum gallery and leaves the sculpting to Roger Berry.  Join them for an opening reception on the 2nd Saturday of June, the 11th, from 5 to 7pm.

Both artists are well known for their bold, massive sculptures that are exhibited in numerous outdoor locations throughout the US. For this show, they will bring smaller works into the SAM gallery space, that capture the energy and tension of their larger pieces.

William Wareham says of The Black Sheep series: “It’s been a couple of years since I jumped back into these big scale drawings where I noticed the sculptor influence as drawing parts spill over the edge where the paper rectangle is denied. Still more black than white as the overall surface where the action of tearing, gluing, cutting, folding, and thinking determines the emerging forms on the surface.

“Where there is texture (melted beeswax loosely brushed over the blackened paper) the emotional impact is focused from the shapes and forms to the proximity placement as interval is so crucial. As this black void impact is heightened by linear white scratching and tearing to the surface underneath. Some of the drawings are more thought derived while others are very spontaneous. Thus, there is a paradox between tension and harmony as to which carries the impact or power through the finished work. Searching for fresh forms to carry this emotional energy is tantamount to the resolution.

“As scale is pushed up in size, I like to use this contradiction to force a solution. What percentage of the final pieces are successful is always the chance the artist takes as failure is always a part of the learning process.”

This show runs in the gallery space until August 6, 2016.