Electronica and Animal Prescriptions

Featuring the work of Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson

SAM-electronicaPC4x6The Siskiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir presents “Electronica” & “Animal Prescriptions,” a two-part exhibit by Northern California artists, Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson.

They will be showing a set of their “Animal Prescription” paintings that feature their own animals in bright, colorful and joyful depictions: “literally, a prescription for happiness.” The large paintings from their “Electronica” series document the current fascination with all forms of electronic devices, and how they have affected everyday life & curtailed “real” conversation.

Their art is a joint venture; Phil & Ana have been working together on paintings for over 15 years. Their process involves drawings and original acrylic paintings. The artists pass the drawings and paintings back and forth until they are satisfied with the final image/painting.

"Alberta," by Phil Dynan and Ana Nelson

“Alberta,” by Phil Dynan and Ana Nelson

Cards, prints and an illustrated book, “Electronica” will also be available during their exhibit.

Read more about this talented duo at: http://www.phildynan.com/about.htm

The Artists’ Reception and Exhibit opens Saturday, June 13, from 5-7pm, and continues through August 2.