You-lookin-At-Me-DWSelect prints from the collection of Dennis Weathers and the Mt Shasta Printmakers Collective.

Mt. Shasta Printmakers Collective artists will include: Colette Urquhart, Emily Clausen, Patricia Satariano, Leonard Brown, Jennifer Pentrack, Betty Watson, Carolyn Hill, Joy Price, Dennis Weathers, and others.

Also included will be Etchings, Aqua Tints, Viscosity Prints, Serigraphs, Lithographs, Relief Prints, and Engravings from the print collection of Dennis Weathers.

The exhibit will display a wide variety of prints intended to share with museum visitors the range of techniques and effects that printmaking can achieve.  The show is meant to be educational and inspiring.  Many people are unaware of the difference between an original print and a poster, let alone what a lithograph or an Aquatint might be.  The works will include technical explanations and an actual printmaking press will be on display.

There will be an Opening Reception on March 14 from 5 to 7pm. A lecture and demonstration by Dennis Weathers will be held on March 21, at 5:00PM in the Museum.