Griffin-webThe demonstration on the 21st of March will be an early process called multiple plate color intaglio. It is a concept for color printing that is used today in offset and stone lithography, inkjet and laser prints. An artist etches an image on three separate zinc or copper plates. Each individual plate has been etched by the artist to supply a specific color to the final print on paper. One plate red, one plate blue, and the third plate would contain the area to be printed in yellow. When all three plates are aligned to print on the same sheet of paper, the finished piece of artwork contains a spectrum of primary colors and secondary colors all inner mixed to create the final product. The demonstration will show how the images are aligned on the plates and printed in the proper location. A process called registration. A heavy steel roller press with hand crank will be used. Other fine art printing processes will be discussed with examples.

Above is a photo of a Griffin Etching Press similar to the one which we will use.