Janet Curti Haines (1939-2015)

In November and December the Siskiyou Arts Museum will offer “A Life in Art,” a retrospective exhibit of the work of Siskiyou County artist Janet Curti Haines (1939-2015). Born in Mount Shasta and a 1957 graduate of Mount Shasta High School, Haines was a life-long artist who produced a rich body/archive of work. Her art education included studies at the Academy of Art College and San Francisco State University and continued throughout her life. She worked in a broad range of media and styles, continuing to explore new methods and materials throughout her long career.

This exhibition will present a carefully selected sampling of Haines’ work spanning from her art school years in the 1960’s until shortly before her passing in 2015. The show will include oil and acrylic paintings, collage and encaustic pieces, drawings and hand-pulled original prints using a variety of techniques. Both her abstract and representational pieces reflect Haines’ precision as a colorist, her keen technical skills and her patience as an observer. Her work is a testament to Haines’ sensitivity, curiosity and her unwavering appreciation for the abundant natural beauty she found around her.

Working-hand-graffitti-encaustic-web“A Life in Art” will run from November 11 through December 30, and an opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, November 11 from 5-7 p.m. In addition to showcasing Haines’ art the reception will feature acoustic guitar music by the artist’s friend Anne Kinkade. A short presentation about Haines’s life including historical elements, photographs and anecdotes will take place in the gallery in conjunction with the reception.

The retrospective is curated by the artist’s friends & colleagues, Eloise Larson and Jennifer Pentrack.