Through January 3rd in the SAM Museum

Mt. Shasta – by Leon McFadden


Leon Lambert McFadden was an artist, a scientist, an inventor, an ad man, a teacher and a peace activist. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota on April 19, 1920 and he died on September 20, 2012 at Madrone Hospice in Yreka, California at age 92 from injuries suffered in a fall.

As Leon’s health was failing, several volunteers offered to help clean up his property and get his household in order. It was then we discovered his massive art collection, crated and collecting dust in a semi trailer.

A prolific painter, Leon’s style can be identified as Divisionist in the tradition of Seurat, but he also used ink dots and squiggles as well as daubs of color to create abstracts, landscapes and realistic portraits. He even used rubber stamps as a medium for some of his most provocative pieces.

The show continues in the Museum Space through January 3rd. Admission is free.