The 2nd Saturday Art Opening & Reception
in October will Transport You to New Realms!

What comes to mind when you read the words, “Transported Away?” . . .  A vacation to a tropical paradise? A trip to an otherworldly location full of oddly shaped wooden creatures? “Beam Me Up, Scotty?”

On Saturday, October 14th three artists are coming together to give you the “ride of your life!” The theme of their show in our large gallery is “Transported Away,” and the artists hope you will enjoy the trip!

Kate Yorke Portrait

Kate Yorke

Kate Yorke, a Mount Shasta Artist who spends her winters in Costa Rica, proposed the theme of “Transported Away” at SAM’s 2016 Proposal Event. She has this to say about the concept: “There are a myriad of ways to be ‘Transported Away’ when viewing artwork. By it’s very nature, art ‘transports’ us, simply by the act of viewing it: new locations, new perspectives, new emotions, or new ways of seeing the same old things. In many ways, the artist has the ability to turn the mundane into the sublime … moving us in ways we never imagined.”

Kate paints lush tropical landscapes, flowers and animals, all of which carry the viewer to a new locale. While painting she is indeed in a different environment; the lighting, the patterns, the colors and the sounds aid in “transporting” her in the painting process. Her desire is that these images also move the viewers to this new location, and to take on a new perspective of our world. In some small way, Kate feels that she is a steward for our planet, reminding us of the importance of taking care of our environment, and preserving this beauty for future generations.

Joshua Jerue

Joshua Jerue

Joshua Jerue, also from Mt. Shasta, is a visionary painter of the mountain and various ‘portals’ and modes of entry, which he feels represent entry into one’s inner being. He says, “When I moved to Mt. Shasta in my 30’s, I was so deeply inspired by the mystical mountain in our midst, that I began pouring out imagery of the mountain along with various mystical portals and modes of transport: hot air balloons, space ships and more, that could take one on a spiritual and mystical journey to the center of their own being!” Joshua is also an innovative singer / songwriter, and will be sharing some of his fun, light-hearted music during the reception.

Dan Tilden

Dan Tilden

The 3-D component of our October exhibit comes from Dan Tilden, a master woodturner hailing from Southern Oregon. Dan fell in love with wood shop class and the art of woodturning when he was a high school student. Woodturning is now Dan’s life passion. He has this to say about his work in relationship to the theme: “Before making my first cuts on a new piece I inspect my block of wood and pick what direction I want to take it. But this isn’t a decision I make on my own. The material is speaking back to me telling me where to take it. At this moment I truly believe I am transported away to a world where I am having a conversation with my material and it is subconsciously telling me what kind of beauty it wants to present.”

Come, be Transported Away during the October Art Opening at the Siskiyou Arts Museum on Saturday, October 14 from 5-7pm and the exhibit continues in the Gallery through Saturday, December 2nd. Admission is free; your generous donations help SAM to continue offering wonderful art receptions for area artists in a lovely setting.