cate-lewis-paintingIn this workshop, I will guide you to create a painting that comes directly from you.  Using a blank canvas, we’ll begin with a brief warm up allowing you to get to know your brushes and paint. You do not have to know how to handle paint. We will all approach this work as beginners. Then, as I introduce you to each element of the painting, you will explore and express the ones that make sense to you. You’ll find out which kinds of marks, colors, shapes, etc. resonate with you as you paint. This is not about planning and making a picture happen. It is about, painting and letting the image arrive on the canvas.  

When you near the completion of the painting, we will pause and try our hand at writing a short sarjana-gaydos-in-workshoppoem that will help you see the intention of your life at that moment.  You do not need writing experience. We will use a simple form that is easy to grasp.

Having this chance to focus your mind and heart in these two processes can show you how your work is directly connected to your life.