SAM’s Curatorial Committee News:

Kathe Worsley, with support from Belinda Hanson, has served on SAM’s Curatorial Committee for a couple of years. Kathe is a talented Photographer, and has entered her work in several shows at SAM. Kathe will be curating two exhibits this year: “Victor Medrano: A Retrospective” Opening March 10 and the “BBCRC SHOW” (Black Butte Center for Railroad Culture) Opening June 9. Belinda Hanson, an installation artist, and longtime former member of SAM’s Curatorial Committee, remains available for advice and assistance and is curating two exhibits this year: A showing of Andrew Patterson-Tutschka’s Perceptual Paintings, opening May 12 and Bob Nugent’s ““RIVER” The Upper Sacramento Watershed” opening October 13.

Curatorial has recently added three new members:

Donald Lewing, a recent Gift Shop Volunteer and Photographer, and his wife, Suzanne Moore Lewing, also a Photographer, who sometimes assists Don in the Gift Shop by greeting visitors. Suzi also likes to help serve at the refreshment table during art receptions, while Don takes photos – when he can tear himself away from the sales desk! Don and Suzi bring fresh new ideas and an easy-going Southern way of making folks feel welcome and at-home!

Angelea Heartsong-Redding is a film Photographer and darkroom printer, currently working in the Art Department of COS. She is curating two shows at SAM in 2018: Photographs taken in Modoc County by Amanda Thomas and herself in an exhibit entitled, ”Latent” – opening on July 14 and another exhibit featuring Fred Gordon & John Rickard: “The River’s Depths,” opening September 8. Angelea is also willing to help curate and install additional shows when her other responsibilities permit.

The next Proposal Event at SAM should be a very full and interesting. A new, easier to use, Show Proposal Form has been drafted and will be posted soon. The date for the 2019 Show Proposals will be also announced in the near future.

Siskiyou Arts Museum Request For Proposals

Preparing a presentation

SAM is excited to hear from artists, artisans, patrons and art enthusiasts about the shows they are interested in presenting in either the Gallery or Museum spaces. Exhibitions generally remain on display for two months and are scheduled to open on the second Friday of each month. Proposals will be reviewed and selected by the curatorial committee and then approved by SAM’s Board of Directors.

SAM accepts proposal throughout the year. Persons submitting proposals will be notified no later than 45 days after submitting the proposal application.We also welcome proposals for classes, presentations, workshops and other events. Please use the workshop proposal form for these events.

Please download the appropriate pdf proposal form from the links below. Completely fill out the form(s) and mail to Siskiyou Arts Museum, 5824 Dunsmuir Ave., Dunsmuir, CA 96025, or drop it by during our business hours.

You may also send your proposals and photos via email to: and type PROPOSAL in the subject line. Title each jpeg with the artist’s name, medium, and year completed. Images should be no larger than 500k or 5″x7″ Many thanks for your proposal. As a volunteer and membership supported organization, your help is vital to our efforts to fulfill our mission.


SAM Request for Proposal for Shows

SAM Workshop Proposal

SAM Event Proposal

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