Cheryl West Petty presents “Downtown Los Angeles 1985″

Petty-Sepulveda Blvd-webCheryl Petty lived the Downtown Los Angeles art scene in the 80s and presents works on canvas from that period in SAM’s Museum Space.

Her 1981 studio was on 765 San Pedro Street, upstairs from a sock factory and facing west in the garment district south of Little Tokyo. Her 1983 Traction Street studio was above Al’s Bar.

The 1980s era Downtown Los Angeles art and culture scene was an explosion of feminism within many culture eruptions such as MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) on North Central and LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) Young Artist of the Year.

Painting construction materials and methods used by Cheryl West Petty to create the large canvases of that period were as close to the old masters as possible in spite of the ban on lead in paint in modern formulations. Linen canvas, rabbit skin glue, and gesso provided the basis for the oil paint application.  Over the years, the medium formula used by Petty has not yellowed or cracked the pigment.

Cheryl’s show only runs through Sunday, October 4th, so you’ll want to stop in soon!