The Siskiyou Arts Museum’s Gallery hosts themed shows throughout the year.  We are open Thursday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm, and Sunday from 12noon to 4pm.  Sales in our gallery support local and regional artists and help to underwrite our museum exhibitions and community programs.


Feb 10 – April 7: “Abstractions:” Marlis Jermutus & Todd Friedlander

“Abstractions” Kicks off the
2018 Art Show Season at SAM!

Our 2018 Art Show Season begins Saturday, February 10th, with an opening reception for “Abstractions,” an exciting exhibit in the Gallery of acrylic paintings on canvas by Marlis Jermutus and digitally enhanced photos on canvas by Todd Friedlander. These two artists, who live in Lake Shastina, have a long creative history and a long-standing friendship.

Marlis Jermutus, also known simply as Ma  (short for Malerin, the German word for painter), was born in the West German town of Wesel in 1942. She began her professional career as an artist in 1970, and developed an artistic style that succeeds in expressing her intuitive inner vision in a form once described by a reviewer as “Calligraphic Landscapes.” She was a founding member of Germany’s national artist’s union BBK (Niederrhein 1971) and the artist’s collective Künstlergruppe Egal (Berlin 1987). She was the artistic director for the five-day World Religion Festival commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, The Power of Vision (Berlin-Potsdam 1991). In 2014, the Siskiyou Arts Museum presented a retrospective of her 44 years as an artist.

Marlis has this to say about her artistic journey: “I began my career in art as an Abstract Impressionist painter. My impressions of nature, usually landscapes, became abstract forms on the canvas. Years later, through journeys of self-exploration, I began to express the form and movement of an inner landscape. I became an Abstract Expressionist painter. My abstract forms became an expression of that dynamic interior dance.”

Todd Friedlander was a painter for forty-five years, and that experience “colors” his photography/digital art. He applies paint, powdered pigment, gouache and ink to selected photography-based prints. This mixed media work is accomplished with a variety of cherished, extraordinary brushes — some handed down generations and dating back more than three quarters of a century!

Todd has this to say about his art: “From the beginning of my love of art, my preference has been for abstraction even as I studied the work of past greats of representational art. I often focus on the line between the world most people generally experience and abstraction. The roots of my interest and the source of most of my pieces are from looking at details and relationships in the world that most seem not to notice. In fact, one of the goals of my work is to help viewers “see” as opposed to simply “looking at” what surrounds them.

“Abstractions:” Marlis Jermutus’ acrylics on canvas from her “Gravity” series, and Todd Friedlander’s digitally enhanced, mixed media photography, can be seen at SAM from Saturday, February 10th through Saturday, April 7, 2018. Everyone is invited to the opening reception on February 10th from 5 to 7pm. Much of the artwork on display will be offered at a 10% discount during the opening. In addition to awe-inspiring art, there will be live music from “Starseed,” featuring Richard Rasa – Sitar, Marlis Jermutus – Tamboura, and Bastian Jermutus – Synthesizers, and Marlis will also show a video presentation of her artistic process.

The Siskiyou Arts Museum is […]

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Feb 10 – April 7: “Abstractions:” Marlis Jermutus & Todd Friedlander

“Abstractions” Kicks off the
2018 Art Show Season at SAM!
Our 2018 Art Show Season begins Saturday, February 10th, with an opening reception for “Abstractions,” an exciting exhibit in the Gallery of acrylic paintings on canvas by […]

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Dec. 9 – 30: Open Call Members’ Show – “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

The 2nd Saturday Opening Reception for “Rock, Paper, Scissors” on December 9th
was an amazing event!
Our last art show of 2017 is a very colorful and eclectic exhibit, with art submitted by 39 artists, plus several members […]

Dec 2 – A Celebration of Music at SAM

SAM Celebrated Dunsmuir’s
“Candles in the Canyon” with Music!
On Saturday, December 2nd Dunsmuir celebrated the beginning of the holiday season with activities for kids, a Santa parade, a tree lighting on upper Pine St. and caroling. SAM will […]

October 14 – Three Artists want to Transport You Away!

The 2nd Saturday Art Opening & Reception
in October will Transport You to New Realms!
What comes to mind when you read the words, “Transported Away?” . . .  A vacation to a tropical paradise? A trip to […]

August 12, 2017 — “Dreamtime Walkabout” with Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson

Dreamtime Walkabout: A Collision between Two Artists

On Saturday, August 12, from 5-7pm, the Siskiyou Arts Museum in Dunsmuir presents an opening reception entitled “Dreamtime Walkabout,” an eclectic exhibit … a collision between two artists, Anastasia […]

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June 10, 2017 — “ink stains and wood dust”

The Siskiyou Arts Museum’s gallery will host the works of Melinda Whipple Plank and Alice Porembski for the exhibit, “ink stains and wood dust”, with an opening reception Saturday, June 10, from 5 to 7pm. […]