Joseph Vella’s miniature still life paintings are perfect gifts for art lovers with little space for new artwork. Vella collectors will enjoy the new unusual takes on the art of the still life pictured below.  After you’ve enjoyed Joseph’s miniatures at SAM, take a short drive to see his murals. The first graces the side of the Amtrak depot. The other is in the 2nd street neighborhood across the river. While hunting for the mural, enjoy Dunsmuir’s first salute to spring. Yes, Dunsmuir is blooming already!


Sweet delights at SAM

SAM carries Mowat Apiaries Mt. Shasta Honey, the result of the fine art of beekeeping. Currently featuring a salute to the much maligned but oh so sweet starthistle, Mt. Shasta Honey comes in two sizes in our gift shop.  Other flavors include vetch, blackberry, clover, alfalfa, and at times, manzanita.

Eating local raw honey is especially beneficial to those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Stock up. The bees are on to gathering from early spring blooms so that we can provide more honey to our customers.



We are also lucky to be able to feature Bianca’s Gourmet products, including Orange-Apple Cranberry Chutney, Pesto Piccante, Mediterranean Spread and Caponata, an Italian appetizer. These make great gifts or are just what is needed for that special dinner party.