Patrick Mulondo

Patrick Mulondo ~
The Artist Who Gives Life to Scrap

The gifted artist, Patrick Mulondo from Kampala, Uganda will be the honored guest at selected galleries in the Siskiyou area. Several of his sculptures will be on display at the Marble Rim Gallery in Fort Jones and at the Siskiyou Art Museum in Dunsmuir during the month of May in 2015.

Patrick will have an opening reception at SAM on Friday, June 19 from 5 to 7pm.

According to Mulondo, “Scrap is considered dirt because of its poor disposal and uncreative storage, However, once given life, scrap can be immensely aesthetically pleasing, interesting attractive and can thus be kept everywhere even in the most cleanest spaces for both functionality and aesthetic attributes. This exhibition project is concerned with experimenting with the use of scrap to solve the problem of disposal yet communicating the beauty in Junk .”

The topic made Mulondo ask himself many questions. “How far can sculptors contribute to garbage recycling in the society today?” After the sculpt he analyzed the situation and chose to concentrate on using scrap to explore the beauty of hidden figures embedded in scrap. The goals that he set to achieve this included; Encouraging garbage recycling in Uganda today and around the world through art, encourage research and innovation in sculpture and other disciplines of art; Encouraging proper disposal of waste. In summation, his body of work explores the importance of scrap to encourage sustainable design and product recycling .